PML is involved in several research areas, covering the material science technology. Some main research activities are in the fields of:


The equipment of PML applied for the research activities is summarized below:

Solidification equipment, Melting furnaces, Heat treatment furnaces (controlled atmosphere), High temperature furnace, Directional solidification set-up, Welding machines – SMAW, GTAW (TIG), GMAW (MIG), Fluidized bed (CVD Reactors), Surface Impact tester, Corrosion equipment (Electrochemical corrosion, Atmospheric Salt Spray Corrosion, Erosion – Corrosion, High Temperature Oxidation, Hot Corrosion Testing, Stress corrosion cracking, Humidity chamber, Cyclic oxidation etc), Metallographic laboratory, Optical Microscopy- Image Analysis Software, SEM (Low Vacuum Mode) with in situ mechanical microtest, Wear equipment (Pin on Disc – High Temperature Erosion), Mechanical alloying, Blasting unit.